Big things have small beginnings.

SMARTSTUDY was established in Jun, 2010. It was the time that many enterpreneurs in Korea changed their focus to the mobile market.

With more than 10 years of experience in the fields of MMO games and web services, we also have been looking for a new opportunity there. But there were already an enormous number of experts and teams out there, and the starting line is very identical for all of them.

Take a deep breath and start all over again.

Like as other teams did, we may find something brand new, something unique and brilliant. But we're finding casual - even it's not very special - things, day by day. And also trying to find out the problem with patience and time.

That's where we come in.



Content rules platform.

Making a platform is very tough to do, but after one successfully launched, it could be worked as well as a conveyor belt machine to carry contents to the market. Yeah, a free lunch! Thus, many companies tried and still try to build their own platform. But without a understanding of the medium and content characteristics, they cannot serve a good meal to the consumer. To make a golden bowl for best service, we have to understand the reason why consumers want nice dishes and organic foods.

We believe the 'understanding' would be a clue to make better services.

We, human make it works.

Serving hundreds apps on various platforms, we've been building systems run automatically need less maintenance with lower resources. Through this effort, we wish to concentrate on true, humanized stuff, - machine does machine's works, human do human's.

We, human do make it works.



We're not on a rocket.

We're not fastest, neither smarter team and do not have a lot of money. But we do our own works that we could better than by others. Steady but continuously, we concentrate on making good product not great or elegance platforms.

Not on a rocket, but it would be better to chat with fellows in a rattle mini van.

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